Faculty Resources

Resources for Teaching

Core faculty members in the program teach mainly seminars and discussion-based courses for students with a wide range of backgrounds and disciplinary affiliations, and GSWS faculty members often offer or sponsor pedagogical workshops and conversations about curriculum.  GSWS has been active in promoting ways that instructors can create productive and respectful classroom environments that allow students to have challenging conversations and in developing policy statements for syllabi to share with the Pitt community, such as a policy statement for syllabi about gender-inclusive language and resources for faculty and students about this topic.

The GSWS Faculty Fellowship affords a faculty member the opportunity to teach a course in GSWS and enjoy an additional course release supporting course design and research. 

GSWS welcomes faculty members who would like to cross-list appropriate courses in their home departments or teach courses within the GSWS program itself.

Resources for Research

GSWS brings groundbreaking scholars to campus, organizing much of its programming into one- and two-year research themes that allow for sustained engagement with particular areas of scholarship related to gender and sexuality studies.  

Through the Faculty Fellows program, GSWS each year offers a faculty member the opportunity to teach one course in GSWS and take an additional course release that supports course preparation and research.  

Currently, GSWS sponsors a Gender and Science reading group open to faculty and students.  (For more information, email Dr, Keown at keown.b@pitt.edu.).